You’re probably not where you thought you’d be

You’re not where you want to be because you’re not doing the things it takes to get there

You’re moving too slow.

Build momentum
How are you progressing day after day, week after week
Sense of excitement – making money moves
Purpose of my morning workout = excitement/momentum
Purpose of daily videos = movement/momentum
More ‘at bats’ = More likely to hit a home run

Be careful about what you consume, it becomes true for you

Move with purpose – towards something
Activity isn’t productivity

Too comfortable
Change requires = never satisfied
Story: Matt 9 figures “More more more”

Confuse information with implementation

How do I get unstuck?
Take full responsibility for your situation
Change everything
Daily schedule (I scheduled everything)
Take the next step you already know

Take ‘changing your life’ seriously
Not investing in yourself = not serious
You can’t see what you’re doing wrong – need perspective

The next step is non-obvious & counter-intuitive
What you think you should do is rarely the thing you need to do
Ex: For me to grow business; not MORE gigs but less & build online portion
Ex: Workout & eat right (increases energy & thinking)
Ex: You have an 8 figure biz & want 9-10 figures = pay attention to politics/regulation
Ex: Success is about doing LESS, not more
Not ‘do more’…it’s ‘do different’
Go against the status quote
Content creation isn’t first

People cling to the present when they don’t see a spectacular future for themselves
Must realize you’re not living up to your full potential

Study Greatness – Read biographies
If you compare yourself to anyone, compare it to the greats
Motivates you to want to do more
Get around different people
The conversations are different

Eliminate your current habits
Wake up and what?
What are you doing at 1:26 pm?
Daily activities must change
Ex: I scheduled everything
Look at your life and look at where it’s going

Next year, where will you be? Don’t say it, show it

Are you ready to make that change in your life?