I’m going to show you how I got bureaus to book gigs for me and mistakes I made
• I never talk about bureaus b/c you need to do it yourself

Get this out of your head “Bureaus will fill up my schedule
• NOBODY will do the work for you (agents, bureaus, etc)
• Most speakers go to bureaus when starting their career

Big Myth “I’m on their site, they’re going to book me”
• You’ll probably never hear from them again
• They already have their ‘go-tos’ …takes a lot to replace them

I was told to refer business to them
• Never worked
• They know about this method
• They still will only recommend great speakers

Bureaus don’t work with newbies
• They don’t work with you until you don’t need to work with them
• I had to get creative

Biggest bureau mistake – I knew they wanted in-demand speakers
• My mom called a bureau and asked for ‘Benji’
• Bureau called me and asked me to hold the date
• I said, “I can try but I don’t hold dates”
• They called back and I said, “sorry the date is booked”…they were pissed

Normal method to get on their site
• Find them = Google search
• Email a video/bio
• Doesn’t mean you’ll get recommended

I came up with 3 out of the box methods:
Method 1: In-Demand Method
• Friend called a bureau asking for me
• I told them I’m booked
• Called my friend and he said, “We will change the date to next weekend”
• Told them I’m booked until the end of the year
• The bureau then wanted to work with me

Method 2: Declined Method
• Friend called bureau to book motivational speakers
• They recommended some
• Friend eventually declined and said they’re going with a guy named ‘Benji’
• If bureau didn’t contact me in a week, I contacted them “My client mentioned you guys….”

Method 3: Money Method
• Email asking to change my fee from $7,500 to $25,000
• They’re confused “Uh who are you? We don’t have you on the site.”
• Me: “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were a different bureau. Well do you want to put me on?”
• Can ask to update your headshot too

They need to know what to recommend you for
• “When people say ______ that’s when I’m your guy”
• Ex: “When people say ‘we need an entertaining motivational speaker, someone different this year’ then I’m your guy. When they’re looking for something insanely entertaining and different, show them my website.”
…I used to create a separate website with no contact info

Negotiation – “All negotiations arise from weakness” (you/they need something)
• Person who ‘needs’ it the less wins
• Never sign an exclusive deal
•Don’t let them keep your deposit
• Story: International event “We give you the money when you show up” Me: “That won’t work”

You get what you ask for
•Story: Magician friend let agencies upsell for as much as they want
• He got booked more often
• It’s their job to make as much money off you as possible. STOP COMPLAINING

Talk HIGHLY of them to the person at the event
• They will tell the bureau you spoke highly of them
• Talk ‘good’ behind someone’s back

After your presentation, send them video testimonials of the event

You don’t need bureaus when you have a system