Someone sent me this email, “While working at my job, how can I build my speaking business?”

If you have a message you want to deliver to the world, but you’re working a job, then you have to do things differently than someone who can spend their entire day building a business.

It’s harder. But it’s not impossible. In fact, I actually think it’s a benefit.


Because it forces you to think about the things you need to get done instead of the useless activities to work on.

You need to be VERY strategic if you’re working at a job and want to speak for a living.

Every second of your time is extremely valuable and if you waste any second, you’re allowing your dream of speaking on stages for a living to slip away.

Most people think that going ‘all-in’ means you just up and quit your job. Those people are idiots.

You don’t quit your job when you’ve got bills to pay. It would only make things worse.

So if you have a job and you want some practical tips on what to do to transition, then watch the video.