This is a story of a speaker named Bill Stacy who sold his company for 650k…and…how it relates to ‘why I buy a lot’….

I don’t know about you but I spend A LOT of money on educating myself…and I mean A LOT.

But why do I want to be so edumakted?

I’m going to challenge you to see the connection between the amount of speaking gigs you get, and the amount you spend on educating yourself.

Your thirst for knowledge is in direct relationship to how successful you become.

In fact, people at Facebook were asked why they think Mark Zuckerberg has been so successful and here’s their answer:

“He’s a learning machine.”

Mark Zuckerberg soaks up information like a super-sponge. Sponge Bob Square Pants aint got nothin on Zuckerberg.

But how does this relate to your speaking business?

It’s all in the new Speaking Lifestyle video.