Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 11.42.02 PMIf you’re speaking at a conference then getting a standing ovation is a big ego boost but is there another reason why you should go after the big standing O?

Smart speakers know that standing ovations are much more than an ego boost and smart speakers go after standing ovations every time.

But why? Why should you get a standing ovation if it’s not to boost your ego?

Think about it from the standpoint of the event planner who hired you…

The event planner is wondering what people thought of your speech; They want feedback. But they can’t go around asking everyone for feedback because that would take too long. So how do they get this feedback?

In the past, most speakers would pass out feedback forms and have people fill it out and rate the speaker on presentation, etc. These are bad because it doesn’t give you an accurate reading of what happened. You could have had the audience cracking up because your jokes were so funny but they give you a 7 out of 10 in humor….not because they didn’t think you were funny…but because when people judge you, they’re in a different “mindset.” They in the “Judge” mindset so they have to go back in their mind and look at you from an analytical point of view rather than an emotional point when they were cracking up.

Feedback forms are also a great way to kill the buzz. It’s like you go see a movie, you love it, and then before you leave, they tell you to fill out a form about the movie and how you think the characters were portrayed, etc. You now switch to your analytical mode rather than the emotional state you’re in so you kill the buzz.

The event planner needs to know if you were good, just ok, horrible, or flat out amazing. If you’re flat out amazing then you’re much more likely to get recommended and get invited back.

The easiest way for an event planner to determine how good you are is to get proof.

Standing ovations provide tangible proof that your presentation was amazing.

Instead of the event planner having to go around and ask people what they thought about the speaker, they get to see the reactions instantly. They see that everyone gave this speaker a standing ovation…which is reserved only for the best presentations.

Now, the event planner doesn’t need to ask people what they thought because they saw it with their own eyes.

From now on…make sure your presentation is sooooooo good that your audience has to give you a standing ovation.

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