I’m sitting at an airport…getting ready to head home from an event…and you know what?

Almost all the events I do are very similar in terms of the setup…which makes it easy for me to know exactly which events to contact to hire me.

If you can crack the code of knowing which events hire speakers like you, then you will get hired more often because you’ll know what to look for.

So how can you tell which events will hire you?

Before I figured out which events hire me the most, I asked myself the same thing that most speakers ask themselves,

“How do I find events that hire speakers like me?”

And without knowing it, that was a big reason for why I wasn’t getting hired.

You should only be asking yourself that question AFTER you do one important thing (which I talk about in the video)

If you don’t ask yourself the right questions, you’ll never get the right answers.

This video gives you some counter-intuitive advice about how you go about finding the right events…