Have you ever woke up and said to yourself, “I wonder what I should do today for my speaking business?”

Be honest. I know I have…multiple times.

If you’ve ever woke up and wondered what you should be doing ‘today’ to get more gigs then watch this video:

When you’re working on filling up your schedule, there are times when you wake up and wonder ‘what am I going to do today?’

Don’t lie…or your nose is going to grow.

So how do you wake up every day, knowing what to do to get on more stages? How do you wake up and immediately get going with the things you need to do?

It’s all in the video.

(You also learn why women do better than men)

Only watch the video if you’ve been in the position where you’re wondering what you should be doing ‘today’ as a speaker.

But if you’re a speaker who wakes up every day, looking like model, no morning breath, perfect hair, and so clean that you don’t need to take a shower, then you shouldn’t watch the video.