Sales has the highest turnover rate b/c it’s harder than people expect


Here’s what happens mentally…

  • Get excited to start working (prospecting)
  • Start finding events b/ it’s taking longer than you thought
    • You ask self-doubt questions
      • “How do I find emails”
      • “Who do I talk to?”
      • “Do they pay?”
    • In an hour, you only find 10 events
      • b/c you’re doing it wrong
  • Start contacting events
  • Most of them don’t respond (b/c you did it wrong)
    • Open email but no response
    • Click on website but no response
  • Some respond, but don’t hire you
    • They don’t immediately say yes
  • A week goes by, you still haven’t gotten a gig
  • Self doubt kicks in
    • “Does this work?”
    • You don’t blame you, you blame the ‘thing’
  • You slow down
    • Instead of 50 emails a day, you send 5
  • Then it REALLY doesn’t work
  • More self doubt kicks in
    • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Shiny-Object Syndrome goes to work on you
    • “Should I do ____ instead?”
      • Podcast, videos, write a book, email list, etc
  • You do the ‘shiny object’ and the cycle repeats itself


Your problem = Not prepared for the mental struggle


LOTS of uncertainty in the beginning

  • Not sure if it works
  • Not sure how to pitch
  • Not sure how many events you need to contact
  • Not sure how to use the CRM
  • Etc


Don’t stop at uncertainty or frustration

  • That’s the beginning part of learning
  • You become certain through execution
    • Find more events = know how to find emails
    • Email more events =
      • Know how to pitch YOU
      • Know how to get them to click to your website
      • Etc
  • Story: My Uncertainty
    • “How do I find events”
    • “How do I know they pay”
    • “How do I follow up”
    • So I built SYSTEMS (templates & process)
  • The beginning is always slow
    • Go slow to know you’re doing it right
    • Once it’s right, go fast


A LOT of self doubt will kick in when prospecting

  • It’s not working b/c you’re not doing it right
    • Pitching people works
  • Don’t understand the #’s game
    • Need to contact more than you think…A LOT more
  • Learn to ignore self doubt


Something to fall back on = more likely to quit

  • You don’t NEED to succeed
  • Story: I had 0 options
  • Need to be uncomfortable b/ not desperate
    • Shouldn’t have $100 in your bank account & quit your job


Self doubt + Comfort = Quit


Hardest thing to do = get out of your own way

  • Lack of focus
    • Shiny object syndrome
  • Clouded thinking
    • Not sure what you want
    • Bad – “Become an expert in my industry”
    • Good – “Sell my online fitness program”
  • “It can’t be that easy”
    • We put objects in our way b/c we think it’s not that easy
    • Ex: Traffic & Offer to sell programs…that’s it
      • But people do webinars, podcasts, videos, speaking gigs, etc
    • Ex: For speaking gigs… Website & Outreach
      • But people write a book, sell online products, podcast, etc
  • Excuses
    • “My topic is different”
    • “Different country”
    • “Gotta ____ first” (write a book, setup a podcast, etc)
    • “Nowadays it’s different”


Prepare for the lag-time

  • Time b/t when you initially contact events till when you get a gig (a year later)
    • “We will save your info”
  • Story: Remax Gig – contacted meeting planner a year beforehand


You’ll get excited when someone expresses interest

  • Then it will fade when they ghost you


Must overcome constant frustration

  • Nothing works at first b/c you’re new to the process
    • Feels slow
    • Website sucks
    • Pitch sucks
    • Not using CRM right
    • Events respond & then stop responding


Eventually, you’ll get into a rhythm

  • You’ll get one gig and think “Wow, it works.”
    • Remax gig sealed the deal for me
  • Story: Sales prospecting game (beat my number everyday)
  • Eventually you’ll associate $ w/ prospecting


A lack of knowledge on your part will hold you back

  • Don’t know what to do
  • Don’t know if you’re doing it right
  • First step it to make sure you’re doing the right things & doing those things right