“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved” Sun Tzu

It is possible to fail, am I doing what it takes to succeed?

We can’t see what hard work looks like
-Kobe 1,000 shots
-you see the podcast episode someone puts up, not the 5 hours of work it took them
-what are you doing daily?
-Motivational quotes aren’t enough to get what you want

-making a dream happen means sacrifice
-0 excuses
-Me: daily emails

Sacrifice –
You won’t have all that fun
People will call you…
-weird, crazy, & secretly think you’re not normal
-You won’t have it if you continue the way things are right now
-But you’ll have your dream. You’ll die with 0 regret

“The vast majority of you are far too nice. And comfortable. In sensible.“ -Felix Dennis
-not saying no

You can’t afford to be average
-status quo thinking gets you nothing
-are you learning?

Self belief is everything
-it determines what you can/can’t do
-Elon Interview: “when they say you can’t do this, you say…”we’ve done it”
-Elon’s heroes put his idea down and he kept going (Neil Armstrong etc)