A lot of people are building their personal brands. In fact, everybody and their mama creates content nowadays.

Everyone wants to sell online programs, workshops, coaching, etc. But how do you stand out?

You should be asking yourself…what do you bring to the table? Why should I pay attention to you and your content?

I recently saw an Instagram ad from a friend of mine who runs a pretty big business. He has all the credibility in the world because he runs a multi-million dollar business. But the ad was very generic.

It didn’t ask people to ‘sign up to my email list’. It was more like a normal Instagram post to motivate people so it got very little engagement.


I talk about it in the video.

When most people are building their brand, they focus so much on their content that they don’t realize they need to operate differently when people don’t know who they are.

In the beginning, nobody cares about you because you haven’t shown them why they should care.

You might have great content, a great story, a great everything, but nobody cares…because you haven’t given them a reason to care. You’ve only given them content…what else do you bring to the interaction?

So watch todays video, and start asking yourself….what do you bring to the table?