A lack of speaking gigs comes down to this…

…not knowing what business you’re in.

Do you know how many speakers focus on ‘building their brand’ ‘working on a logo’ ‘writing a book’ etc…and end up not getting on a single stage?

A lot. And do you know why?

This video will be a wake up call for a lot of speakers.

…And you can thank me later for making you feel bad.

Not too long ago, I was talking with a real-estate agent (yea…not a speaker, but it’s still business) and she was telling me how she needs to learn the e-contract. And I told her the dealy-o.

I asked her, “How many clients do you have right now who want to buy or sell a house with you?”

Answer… none.

And speakers are the same.

Speakers will work on all aspects of their business (write their book, etc) and have 0 speaking gigs on the calendar.

This happens because speakers (and most people) don’t know what business they’re really in.

Before you watch the video, can you guess what business you’re in?