Purpose: Get paid speaking gigs

Home Page:
-What kind of speaker are you? Who are you talking to? Entrepreneurs? Trial Attorney? HR?

-What’s different about you? And why should I care? You know theater…so what?

-Trial Attorney:
-Headline: “Tell the winning story…” Should be “Do this, and you’ll win more trials than any other lawyer you know”

-Where’s the proof? The reviews don’t show me proof that what you do works…it only says you’re good at speaking

-Customer Experience:
-Now you’re talking about ‘team building’…what are you?

-Team building and sales training are two different things. What are you?

-Too much text, not enough proof

-How engaging is your presentation?

-Don’t sell me on what you ‘teach’ sell me on what I get out of it

Workshops Page:
-Show me how fun the workshops are. Small workshop pic and big pic of you? Reverse it

-Jack of all trades: You’re going after everyone (lawyers, coaches, athletes, etc)

-You’re ‘teaching’ me instead of selling your workshop. Why should I attend?

“Lessons from the stage will empower you to dig deeper in your life’s narrative, remove emotional blocks…” What does that mean? Too vague. Better version: “Lessons from the stage will help you win cases”

-Describe to me what I’m currently doing and why it’s wrong:
“Discover what’s holding you back”…most people don’t even know they have a problem. Nobody feels like they’re holding themselves back. But what if you said, “You set a new years resolution and it hasn’t worked out for you. You wanted to go to the gym more but you just don’t feel like. There’s something holding you back. Let me show you how to remove it so we can get you to follow-through on that new years resolution. Let me show you how to breakthrough so you instantly wake up everyday, energized to go work out and lose all that weight….”

Videos Page:
-need testimonials
-get videos of you doing what you say you can do (don’t tell me, show me)

About Page:
-Make test easier to read. Break it up

Contact Page:
-Too much on it
-nobody cares about ‘double-optin’
-What do you want me to do? Opt-in? Check out your workshop? Contact you?
-only have one purpose for your contact page…to contact you