We had a webinar on Saturday that talked about the Industry Icon 4 week online event. And here’s what you don’t know…

It almost didn’t happen.

Literally, up until the moment of the webinar, I thought it wouldn’t happen.

I woke up ready to go and I said to myself, “I should probably test the software first.”

I’m thinking the test will last 5 minutes, max.

I was wrong. As you’ll see in the video.

Industry Icon is going to be a 4 week online event and I didn’t want it to be delayed because of the problem you’ll see in the video.

Most people have specialized knowledge, a story, a message, that they want to get out into the world. To sell online programs, build their following, and hit that 7 figure mark.

But how?

It’s harder than you think (nobody will tell you that…but trust me, it is). Mostly because you do the wrong things without realizing they’re the wrong things to do.

So you end up struggling to build your following and sell your programs. Wondering why people aren’t buying.

You do what the gurus tell you. You create a webinar, create content, create a lead magnet. And it still doesn’t work.

It happens to everyone. And small problems pop up that you never planned for.

You can see one of the small problems that came up during the webinar in today’s video.

Every day you have to wake up with an insane desire to be great.

Forget normal. Forget average.

Most people move too slow to accomplish the thing they want in life.

People say they want to build and monetize a following and then they come up with every excuse in the book as to why they can’t do something instead of starting now.

I want to be great. That should be your motto.

Great people have no interest in anything that gets in the way of what they want. And they for damn sure don’t let themselves get in their own way.

You want to speak for a living but don’t want to sit down and do the boring prospecting? Get outta here with that crap.

You want to build a following but don’t want to learn the technology that will allow it to happen? Just stop now.

You think everything and everyone is a scam without even looking them up? Don’t make me laugh.

Understand this…

If you want to accomplish anything…whether it’s to grow your audience, sell online programs, etc…then you have to be prepared to do what it takes to make it happen.

That’s what Industry Icon is about. We are going to make things happen. We are going to move the needle in your business while other people sit there and ‘plan’ their business.

Stay focused. Stay determined. Be great.