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Jonathan Watson
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What type of reactions does Jonathan get after a keynote presentation? Go to his videos to see him in action.

“Would I hire him again? Of course. Positivity and morale are necessary in the growth of any company. I think such motivational speeches provided every six months goes a long way….”

Veronica Salvajaren - Managing Director of Tesla Consultancy

“Jonathan Watson…WOW! He knows how to get your attention!”

After my parents got divorced when I was a teenager, it was impossible to not feel like one of those people who came from a broken family and couldn’t succeed in life. I didn’t have emotional support or any spiritual guidance to keep me on the right path. But I decided to listen to Oscar Wilde’s advice…

“He keeps the attention of 500+ attendees”

Jonathan’s presentation is sprinkled with funny stories to make the entire presentation insanely engaging. 

The Keynote

People will literally come up to you and thank you for bringing Jonathan in to this years event. He has the rare ability to share a powerful message and make it entertaining at the same time.

He Energizes The Room

His message is incredibly memorable, engaging, and very moving.

Speaking Topics

Innovation, Motivation, Leadership, Team Building, Communication…

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“Would I hire him again? Of course!”