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Keynote Speaker Jonathan Watson

After my parents got divorced when I was a teenager, it was impossible to not feel like one of those people who came from a broken family and couldn’t succeed in life.

I didn’t have emotional support or any spiritual guidance to keep me on the right path. But I decided to listen to Oscar Wilde’s advice:

“If success doesn’t knock then build a door.”

So I went my own way to seek the right people, pray for peace, and teach myself to be the biggest winner in today’s society.

Nobody who is born into a stable or unstable situation can escape the reality that the only person who truly wants you to succeed is the person in the mirror. I became a motivational speaker because I had to motivate myself. I had no other choice.

Through motivating myself to accomplish my own dreams, I felt that there’s even more personal gratification in using my skills as a public speaker to help others succeed too.

On my own, I was able to travel to 35 countries, run two marathons and four half-marathons, as well as finding a life partner with the same passion for life as I have.

I’ve established my foundation in life in what I want out of it. Because of this, it’s my unspoken duty to make sure others can build their own foundations as well.

Even if you are brought into unfortunate events, you can still be the best. Your company can still be the best. Let me help YOU be the best!


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