Not too long ago a SpeakPro Academy member asked, “What activities should my VA be doing to get speaking gigs?”

This is a great question because VAs are great workers, they just need to be guided on what to do.

So this video shows you the activities you need to give them.

The first few people I hired didn’t work out because I didn’t know what I was doing.

It went like this, “I’m looking for someone who will book gigs and I will give you a commission.”

Them: “Ok no problem.”

Me: “Ok you’re hired.”

A week go by and they stop doing the work.

Initially I thought it was the person. But when it happened a few other times, I realized it was something else entirely.

Was it me? No. I’m the bomb-digidy. So it must be them right?

Nobody will build your business for you. Nobody will book speaking gigs and take a commission because they know you’re being too lazy to do the work yourself.

I got out of this mindset and got real about what it takes.

I gave them specific activities (the ones mentioned in the video) and the speaking gigs came faster.

If you know which activities to give to your VA and which ones you should do, then you’ll easily get on more stages (because VAs work their butt off).