As a professional speaker, you need a certain set of skills that will keep you ahead in the speaking industry. But which skills are the best for you to learn?

Here are a few skills you should focus on which will help you book more speaking engagements:


Oh the art of copywriting…if you can master this skill then you will have a money making machine in your hands.

The reason you want to learn the art of copywriting is because it forces you to get outside your head and into the heads of the people who hire you to speak and buy your products. If you know what they’re thinking then you know how to influence them.

And if you’re writing a book or writing a blog then it’s much better to write like a copywriter rather than an English professor. School teaches you to write based on rules which are only enforced in the academic world. Copywriting teaches you to write in a way that gets people to buy. I don’t know about you but I would much rather write in a way that makes money rather than in a way that makes the academics happy.

Platform Selling

Platform selling and copywriting are very similar. The difference is that one is on paper and the other involves you speaking out-loud.

Speakers who know how to sell are the speakers who make a lot of money.

And it’s not just about selling in the seminar market…you also have to learn how to sell if you’re speaking to the corporate market. You might not sell a product from the stage but you have to sell the audience on your ideas and by the end of your presentation they should say, “That guy is amazing.”

If you want to learn how to practice these speaking skills, go here.

Lead Generation

The professional speaker that can generate leads will always get more speaking gigs. He might not be the best copywriter or the best platform speaker, but if he can get on more stages then he will build a bigger business.

Are there speakers who can “close from the front of the room” better than Tony Robbins? Of course. But are there speakers who are better at lead generation than Tony Robbins? Not even close.

Tony Robbins has a big business because he focused on lead generation.

There are several ways you can generate leads…PPC, social media, cold calling, etc…and the more lead generation methods you have, the more speaking engagements you’re likely to get. The cure to all business is lead generation.

Presentation Skills

Most speakers focus on this without focusing on other skills like lead generation. But no matter how great your presentation is, it’s useless unless you have a speaking gig in the first place.

Don’t be like most speakers. Build up your presentation skills but also understand that you need to build the other skills listed above.

Having great presentation skills will allow you to get invited back to speak and book more speaking gigs by building a certain reputation. But you already know this.

Building up skills is crucial for success in the speaking business. If you want to stay ahead and get more gigs then your ability to sell and generate leads will the best skills you can focus on.

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