Eventually, you’re going to get to a point where you have too many leads for your speaking business so here’s what you do about it:

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Leads are like kids. If you have too many, you’ll find it hard to keep track of those rugrats.

If you implement the Event Finder system inside the SpeakPro Academy then what’s going to happen is…

…you’ll have too many leads to keep track of.

And what if you’re in different markets or you sell different things?

What if you sell speaking, coaching, products, etc?

I had to implement what I show you in the video because I do both entertainment and speaking. I also starting doing this because I deliver sales presentations as well as normal motivational presentations. So by separating the two, makes it a lot easier to get the gig.

In this video, you’ll see me walk through a simple process on what to do when you have too many leads…