When a speaker asked me about ‘how to get gigs’ I told him the truth…it’s brutal.

And that’s why I wanted to show you this video.

I’ve seens it time and time again, people get destroyed by reality.

They read ‘be persistent’ in a book, and then reality kicks them in the face and they cry like a baby.

But when you understand the reality (which is what we go over in the SpeakPro Academy) then you’re more likely to make things happen.

This is a post I saw in the private group this morning…

He literally started from scratch (no website, no nothing) and now he’s getting on stages.

In the beginning, I kept saying “No, that doesn’t work.” “No you need to change this.” “No do this…”

And most people get so frustrated that they quit.

But he booked a few sales events. Bravo!

Theory and reality can be two different things. So make sure you understand which one gets you the results.