We started filming a new demo reel last Thursday, and he sent me the file last night (Sunday).

And notice how I ‘created my own fame’ by hiring a great videographer to film in a nice location (high rise), then work his magic.

If I were a speaker with zero video footage of me on stage, this would easily make me come across as a pro.

Never make excuses about having ‘no video footage’.

…Create your own fame…

It’s important to have a belief that it is possible and you’re going to figure it out.

If you want to get on more stages, you have to make the reality in your head more real than the everyday life around you.

Go back hundreds of years, and the people would see our technology and think “impossible.” It’s crucial that you understand this…

Nobody knows what’s possible, so you need to act as if nothing is impossible.

You need to make your dreams practical. Take what’s in your head and work up to it through practicality.