There’s a video on Speaking Lifestyle about ‘getting video testimonials’ and after watching the video, someone asked a few questions. 

The questions that were asked are…

1)  Do you recommend for the testimonials to be from only meeting planners and/or management of companies or can it also be from just anyone in the audience who watched the speech?

2)  I recently did a speech and the meeting planner told me I could not get video testimonials afterwards. What can I do about situations like these? 

3) Should I always ask meeting planners before hand if I am able to do a video testimonial or not and just film testimonials automatically afterwards?  If the meeting planners refuse, what should I do?

4) Should I put on my website the entire footage of my recent speech on my site (35 minutes) as well as send to future meeting planners, or should I only make a short clip of the speech (my best part) and how long should it be?

5) Do you recommend written testimonials as well?

6) Do I need to put references at the end of my speech such as on a Powerpoint Slide or just say them out loud if I added some material to my speech such as research done by another person?  example:  if a doctor did research on toxic metals, do I mention the link of the material, doctor’s name, etc?

These are some good questions about recording testimonials so the answers are in the video above.