“I think my constant fiddling and meddling with the status quo may have been one of my biggest contributions to the later success of Wal-Mart.” – Sam Walton


To be the 1%, you can’t think or operate like the 99%

  • Normal people
    • “Money doesn’t bring you happiness”
      • It’s being translated differently (like 2 people seeing a movie)
    • “You need to know somebody to get in”
      • Vs “become someone people want to know”
    • “You’re not better than anyone else”
      • Mike Tyson’s trainer didn’t say that to him


Normal people think normal thoughts, that’s why they have a normal life.


Successful people think crazy thoughts, that’s why they have the life people dream of


People will talk about you behind your back if you’re not ‘status quo’

  • Be ok with being called weird, crazy, nerdy
  • “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”


Story: I looked at entertainers on the forum and asked “Do I want to be like them?”

  • I stopped posting, talking to them, etc
  • To them, $2,500 for a show was a lot
  • Look at a person’s momentum


Develop the level of thinking that allows you to accomplish your goals

  • Great people have intense thoughts…that allows them to become great
  • Kobe – “I’m going to beat you so bad I’m going to make you question your career choice”


Whatever you put in your brain becomes true for you

  • Assume your thoughts are true
  • If you say “I need money to start” then it’s true
  • If you say “I’ll figure out how to get the money to start” then it’s true


What do your thoughts do to you

  • Ex: Luck  
    • Starting – “No such thing”
    • Successful – “I got lucky”
  • Ex: Arrogance/Confidence
    • “I’m the greatest” – gives you confidence to do it



If you don’t think thoughts that you’re afraid to share, you’re not thinking big enough or intense enough  to accomplish what you want

  • Think wild and crazy thoughts
  • “The vast majority of you are far too nice to ever be rich” – Felix Dennis
    • Ex: You don’t turn down invites, etc
    • You don’t set out to be disliked, you’re just not phased if people don’t like you



If most of your thoughts aren’t disagreeable with the status quo, you don’t stand a chance being in the 1%

  • All successful people have been called arrogant…by the status quo
    • b/c status quo can’t identify with 1%er’s
    • To accomplish great things = believe you’re great enough to do it


You need a level of confidence that borderlines on arrogance

  • Self-belief comes from competence
  • Not about being ‘above’ someone, it’s about being ‘different’ than someone


Your thoughts are meant for YOU, not everyone else

  • Crazy thoughts = keep to yourself
  • Ex: Interviewer “Where do you see yourself in 3 years”
    • You “I’ll have your job”
    • WRONG! – keep that to yourself


Shut out the noise that gets you nowhere

  • Not all advice is useful to you
    • Ex: “His family gave him money so it’s easier”


Read biographies to get a realistic picture of 1%er’s

  • Study athletes = easier to see the competitiveness
  • Most real thoughts are kept close to the vest
    • Why are Billionaires quiet?
  • Study ALL angles (good, bad, ugly) of successful people
    • NOBODY is all good
  • Listen closely to interviews
  • EMPATHIZE – Mirror Neurons
    • Ex: Elon Musk 420 Tweet. Told my mom he lied b/c I felt the same
  • Don’t judge them, understand them
    • Agree or disagree is irrelevant
    • If you call someone arrogant who deserves success, you’re judging greatness
      • Ex: Floyd Mayweather deserves his confidence


To be the 1% you can’t study the status quo