If you listen to speakers talk about growing their business, what do they talk about most?

They’re usually talking about how awesome Benji Bruce is. But what else do they talk about?

They talk about…

…Writing a book

…Doing webinars

…Getting paid gigs

…Selling products from the stage

…The whole enchilada

But do you know what the most successful speakers talk about?

They talk about Benji Bruce too.

But what else do they talk about? This: (watch the video)

There are a million ways to build your speaking business and that’s why you have to operate in a straight line.

In fact, if I had to go back and build my speaking business from scratch, I would do exactly what I talk about in the video.

And if you’re wondering what you should do (write a book, do webinars, get paid gigs, etc)…then watch the video.