Tomorrow I’ll be at a sales event and I want to show you what I do with every presentation…

Most speakers get on a stage, do their thing, and immediately leave. Tony Robbins does this.

But should you?

You should always come across as an in-demand speaker, but should you leave after you’re done speaking at an event?

I faced this little dilemma when I was getting booked on stages.

I saw the big-time speakers immediately leave because they had somewhere else to be.

Should I do the same? Should you do the same? The answer is in the video.

When you start contacting events the right way, you’ll get booked. But now that you’re getting booked, you won’t have as much time to contact events.

So how do you keep your schedule full, even though you can’t spend too much time doing outreach?

If you leave an event after you speak, you’ll come across as being in-demand but you won’t have time to network.

If you stay, you’ll have plenty of time to network, but you might not come across as being in-demand.

Which is more important?