I get it, you’re saying to yourself, “Benji Bruce is bigger than Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Les Brown, and everyone else…combined.”

And I appreciate your honesty, but those guys you mentioned have built a pretty decent business too…so give them a little credit.

But if I had to start from scratch and market myself from the ground up, here’s what I would do:

It’s easy to market yourself when you already have the testimonials, video footage, pictures, good website, etc.

But what would I do if I didn’t have any of it?

This video shows you the most practical way to build a speaking business from the ground up…

…in the fastest way possible.

Your biggest problem, when it comes to marketing yourself, is getting people to think you’re worth paying for.

If you can do that, you’ve got it made.

So watch this video and you’ll see exactly how I would build from the ground up: