Aflac hired me for multiple events this year and their ‘theme’ inspired me to make this new Speaking Lifestyle video.

It’s something that all speakers must do if they want to fill up their calendar, sell products, or do anything as a speaker. In fact, there isn’t a successful speaker around who hasn’t done this.

Most speakers want the ‘tactics’ for building a speaking business…and that’s the easy part. But something BIG is missing from the tactics.

Why is it that a speaker could be told EXACTLY what to do (like make their website better) but they STILL wouldn’t do it.

They asked for advice, but they wouldn’t implement it.

After banging my head against the wall, and wondering why people wouldn’t implement, I figured it out.

And speakers who don’t do this, hold themselves back from building a business, without realizing it (and it’s painful to watch because they don’t see the problem).

But every speaker who’s successful in this industry has gotten to a point where they made a decision to do this one thing. It’s all in the video.