When I was at an event, before stepping on stage, I was talking to someone who could hire me for their events (and they do a lot). But do you know what she said?

“I would love to bring you to our events you sexy devil you. But I need to see video footage.”

(Ok, maybe she didn’t say ‘sexy devil’ but that’s how I heard it)

Every speaker KNOWS they need video footage, but maybe most speakers aren’t doing it right (or they don’t have gigs lined up to get video footage).

In the SpeakPro Video 4, we talk about how do use videos the right way.

Most speakers just film themselves speaking. That’s cool and all, but you have to be smart about it. You have to be strategic so you can fast-track your speaking gigs to get on more stages.

In this new video, I talk about

…The most important thing you need to film yourself doing when you speak
…How you need to think when you’re filming your presentations
…How changing one thing when you’re filming can get you hired

This video gives you a glimpse into how I film, what I film, and why.

Details…it’s all in the details. If you know how the details get you the results, you’ll get on stages more often.

If you’re just putting a camera in a room and capturing yourself speaking, you need to re-think what you’re doing.