I don’t know how religious you are, if you’re religious at all…but speakers are very religious. What do I mean?

Speakers sit and pray that speaking gigs show up in their life. Maybe not literally, but they do nothing all day, and expect speaking gigs to roll in. Guess what?

…I don’t. I do this instead…

(it’s in the video)

This is video 2 of 7 for the SpeakPro Academy and this video talks about:

…The mistakes I made (and almost every speaker I’ve talked to makes) when I started
…How to get around those stupid mistakes
…The overall strategy I used to get hired by Fortune 500 companies

When I started, I had no idea how to build a real speaking business because all the advice out there sucked (and still sucks). Why?

Because the speakers who are actually speaking, aren’t telling other speakers (aka the competition) how a real speaking business works. And that leads to speakers…praying for gigs to come in.

So in this video, we go over what needs to happen to fast-track your speaking business.

And starting tomorrow, I’m taking off the kid gloves because….YES…you can fail if you do the wrong things. So I’m going to overload your brain with details.