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This final SpeakPro Video walks you through how I built my speaking business from scratch.

I walk you through everything that happened in my business so you can duplicate it in yours.

This is it. This is how you put everything together to build your speaking business in the shortest time possible.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a ’30 day’ thing. And nobody is going to build your speaking business for you. So if that’s what you think, then go watch someone else’s videos. This is how a real business is built from scratch.

When I was building my speaking business, I made the mistake of going at it alone. Did I figure it out eventually? Of course. It just took me a lot longer than I imagined.

(Isn’t that funny how things take longer than we thought?)

The purpose of this final video is to show you what has to happen to get to a point where you’re getting gigs consistently.

…I walk you through the entire time…from when I was ‘praying for gigs’ to the point where I’m now turning down gigs.

If you want to see the thinking behind it all, watch this video.