Most speakers are like dogs…salivating out of the mouth to get on stages. And because of this, they’re not very clear on who they want to speak for. They’re not clear on their target market.

So how do you get more clear on your target market? How do you know exactly who to speak for?

When you’re very clear about your target market, you’ll find more speaking opportunities because you’ll know where to look.

And…you’ll know exactly what to say to get hired.

But if you do it wrong, then you’re screwed.

Awhile ago, a speaker told me that his topic was ‘history’ and he wanted more corporate gigs. As soon as I got the email, I cringed. Why? Because he didn’t pick the right target market.

There are certain questions you want to have the answer to when you’re picking a market to speak in (the questions are in the video). And if you don’t have an answer, then you’ll have a hard time getting on stages.

(Like the history speaker)

So check out the new video on “Getting clear on your target market”