Ok Mr. Smarty Pants…

You tell me to outsource all the work in my speaking business, but what exactly should I outsource?

How many times has someone told you to outsource as a speaker? It’s not a matter of ‘should you’ it’s a matter of ‘when should you?’

When I was growing my speaking business and figuring out how to get on more stages, me and Mr Smarty Pants had a conversation about outsourcing and it went something like this…

Mr. Smarty Pants: “Benji, you should outsource all the minimum wage activities for your speaking business.”

Me: “I know. But how much money should I have before I start outsourcing?”

Mr. Smarty Pants: “Did you not hear me you little punk? I said outsource you dumb dumb.”

Me: “I know dammit. Don’t make me slap the smart out of you. I asked… ‘when’ should I outsource? I know I should do it…but when?”

How many times have you heard that you should outsource as a speaker, but you’re not exactly sure when or what?

Well…because Mr Smarty Pants is terrified that I’m going to slap him silly, he gave me the answer and I talk about it in the video.

When you know ‘when’ to outsource and ‘what’ to outsource, then you’ll get on more stages a lot faster because you’ll focus on doing all the right things.

The only question that remains is…

How much money should you have before you start outsourcing activities in your speaking business? Watch the video.