Do you use a blog for your speaking business? Or YouTube videos for content?

If you do, then this video has multiple ways to come up with ideas for your speaker content.

As you know, if you want to position yourself as the top-dog in your industry then creating content is a good thing. But how do you come up with tons of ideas?

The video shows you exactly what I do to create ideas for Speaking Lifestyle and you can use the same steps for your speaking business.

Look at all the speakers you’ve heard about. Look at all the speakers you’re currently hearing about (like Gary Vaynerchuk)…and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common…

…They’re content machines.

They put out content after content after content. And if you’re going to grow your speaking business, then guess what you should be doing? That’s right. Putting out content.

So how many ideas are you coming up with? Use this method, and you’ll come up with a lot…

p.s. The speaking business is a marathon, not a sprint. Content helps you win the game in the long run.