What was your speaking business like for 2015? Did you improve…get on more stages? Could you have done better? More importantly, how should you plan for 2016?

This new video talks about the right way to set your ‘gig goals’ for this upcoming year as a speaker.

…Just to warn you, it’s VERY strategic

This isn’t your mom & pop video about ‘write down your goals’…this is the strategic way to do it.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What should I do next” …then this video on ‘setting up your goals for 2016’ is what you need to watch because when you’re done, you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

…Did I mention this is VERY strategic?

Don’t be one of those delusional speakers that have been ‘stuck’ in the same place for years…but still believe they’re building a speaking business (or worse, they won’t seek help).

There comes a time when you have to give yourself a reality check.

How many speaking gigs did you do in 2015?

What’s your plan for 2016?

p.s. Don’t be an ‘average’ speaker. Building a speaking business means you have to do what other speakers aren’t willing to do.

p.p.s. The more detailed version of this video (where I show you examples from my business) is in the Platform members area.