Do you do this consistently? It’s something Elon Musk talks about (he thinks it’s the biggest factor to his success) and it’s something that speakers should always do.

I’m sure you do it with your presentation, but it also has to be done with the ‘business’ side of speaking.

And the way you know you’re doing it right is when it hurts. No, I’m not talking about whips & chains…I’m talking about a mental pain.

So if you’re hurting yourself, then you’re doing it right. No…not hurting yourself like that…jeez…where am I going with this…


Just watch the damn video:

And do it consistently.

p.s. Make sure you do it good…do it real good.

p.p.s. Not ‘do it good’ like that…you know what I mean. Jeez…watch the damn video