Do you know any strippers?

No, I’m not asking because I want you to send one over to me…I’m asking because they can teach you something about your speaking business.

What can they teach you? It’s simple, do you spend or do you save the money you make as a speaker?

Can you guess what strippers do?

The new Speaking Lifestyle video talks about why you need to do what strippers don’t…

Most speakers either save their money like Mr. Scrooge. Or they spend it like a stripper.

…but what exactly should you do if you want to get on stages and how do you go about it?

Not too long ago, I was talking with a speaker and I told him how I grew my business so fast. It wasn’t because I’m a genius (but my mom thinks I am), it was because I did what strippers don’t do.

Most speakers hold onto their money like someone’s trying to steal it from them…and without knowing it, they’re sabotaging their success.

I talk more about it in the video