speaker productsAs a professional speaker, you probably know that you should create products because they will increase your profits in the speaking business. But how should you create and sell your speaker product?

If you’ve been to conferences with speakers then you’ve heard several people say it…

I’m creating my product

Or maybe you’ve been working on your product because that’s the common advice. People are constantly telling you to create a product which will boost your speaking income. But are you doing it right?

I talk with this lady who wants to sell her product on changing your habits to be more successful. She spent so much money making it professionally. She got professional audio equipment, she hired professionals to make it sound great, she recorded some introduction videos, got the green-screen and everything. She spent a lot of money building this product and after months of doing all this, she finally finished her product…and what happened?

Nothing! No sales, no nothing.

What’s worse is that she thought she would be able to do a joint-venture with another speaker who’s making millions because she figured that since they talk and they know each other then that means they would be able to do business…but she was wrong.

She did what most speakers do. She created the product without knowing how to sell it.

If you want to create a product for your speaking business then you have to know how you’re going to sell it and whether or not it’s going to sell.

You need to sell your product before you’ve created it.

What do I mean?

Well…you have a few options…you can sell your product at seminars by speaking on stages…or you can sell your product online by doing a product launch. Both of these require different skills and a different sales focus.

If you want to sell your product at seminars then the skills you need is the ability to ‘close a room.’ Promoters will have you on stage if they know you can make them money. In addition to this, you need to network with the people who can get you on those stages.

If you want to sell your product by doing a product launch then you need to know how to set up a squeeze page, how to generate leads (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc), how to set up the launch funnel, and other things.

So lets say you’re a speaker and you teach people persuasion skills. You want to create a product on persuasion because you see all these other speakers making money with products so…why not create your own. But before you create it, build a list of people who are interested in persuasion and make sure they want to buy it.

Create a squeeze page (and there are tons of different squeeze pages) so you can collect people’s emails. Learn how to set up the offers by using Facebook Ads so you can see what people respond to. Then, and only then, should you start creating your product because now you can email your list about your product and they’re more likely to buy.

But don’t do what most speakers do…

Don’t create a product and then try to sell it.

Learn how to sell your product and then create it.

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