The video you see above is a website review which will help you improve your own speaker website.

If you have great marketing materials then it’s easier to get paid to speak. But without the right marketing materials, you’ll find it hard to get on stages.

Here are a few things we go over in the video:

Home Page:
-What’s different about you?

-Who is this website for?
-Expert or paid gigs? (the site is structured like a ‘expert’ site but the copy is selling the keynote)

Video on home page:
-Too much about you…who care…what do I get out of it?

-Video thumbnail: put audience reactions

-Use Wistia to see how long people are watching your video and where they’re dropping off

-“Transform you life from…” doesn’t give me a sense that you know my problem. Describe my problem better than me. Ex: Depression: “There are times when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. And when you’re around people you know, you hide the fact that you feel empty, but deep down…”

-“If you’re ready to enjoy greater levels of success, clarity, energy, productivity, happiness, and personal growth…” You’re being a jack of all trades

-Text is too ‘bundled’…make it easy to read (bold, spacing, etc)

-Simple formula: problem/solution/proof

-“Get the 7 secret keys…” Keys to what? What exactly will it help me accomplish?
-Be specific
-Solve a specific problem

-Podcast: Have a sign-up form to notify someone when the podcast will start

-Featured solution: What is that? I won’t click b/c I don’t know

-Use Google Analytics URL Builder or Bitly to see how many people click on your sidebar images

Speaking Page:
-“The power of your plastic brain” goes into “How well is your team performing?” Huh! There’s a big disconnect.
-Don’t confuse what you teach with, how to sell what you teach

-At the bottom, you talk about how they leave with ways to increase sales but at the top it’s about having a better team. So which one? Focus on one

Events Page:
-Put opt-in form on each page so you know which one people are more interested in

-Put sold-out on one of them

Training Page:
-Take it off…people don’t hire coaches by reading something on a website. They like your info and then contact you later.

Solutions Page:
-Take it off…it doesn’t add…just put that info into the blog posts or videos, etc (tribe builder)

About Page:
-Sell me on why you’re different

-Include social proof of companies you’ve been hired by

Blog Page:
-Either write on your blog or don’t have one

-Nothing worse than a blog that isn’t updated

-What does that communicate to the person hiring you?

Contact page:
-Take off address…why have it on there? What’s the point?

-If it doesn’t add, it detracts

-Take off the “how long do you want me to perform”…just use the word ‘speak’

All Pages:
-Need more social proof



-Live video footage