This is another website review to help a speaker improve and get more gigs.

Notes from the video:

Purpose of site?: get people to sign up for the event? or meeting planner?
-Why would I attend your event? What’s the transformation that will happen to me? Is it fun?

Top bar: open in new tab

Email bar: lead magnet must be specific. ‘sign up for updates’ doesn’t get signups

Slogan: Too much use of ‘leader’ words. Uses it 3 times.

‘influencers of all ages’….be more specific. By appealing to everyone you appeal to no one. CEO leaders require different skills than young leaders.

-edit the video so it doesn’t show you turning it on
-why should I watch the video? Start by telling me why…instead of starting with a story. You can use a headline to tell me ‘why’…you’re talking about water pumps…so what?
-show me video length…people click away when they don’t know how long it’s going to take

Story Transformation Coach:
-I click and then it talks about selling? Huh? Be congruent
-Video says ‘storytelling’…what about selling?
-don’t tell me the technique you’re going to teach me (aka storytelling), tell me the transformation I’m going to have (ex: double your sales)
-Christian? Huh? Why do you talk about religion?

Certified Leadership:
-Now you’re talking about executive and entrepreneurship? What about leadership?
-You keep talking about ‘story’…what do you mean by ‘story’
-‘Select from the follow material’…what is it? What do I learn? The titles mean nothing to me.
-Work With Me Tab:
-Transform story? What does that mean?
-Too much ‘I’…you’re focusing on ‘you’ and not them
-I don’t care about your newsletter, I care about what I get from subscribing. I don’t care about yoru training material, I care about the end result of the training.

It takes me forever to find your ‘video’ page