Sometimes I write things that are so brilliant that I often wonder if I should just go solve Quantum Physics, instead of speak for a living.

But how do I know what to write?

More specifically, how do you know what to write on your website to get you hired?

If you change the text on your website, just a little, you’ll get more people contacting you for events.

(When I put ‘for availability’ on my website, it caused people to think in terms of ‘can we even hire this guy’ instead of ‘we barely have the budget for you’…little things like that really matter)

Unfortunately, copywriting is the achilles heel of most speakers. Just go to a speaker’s website and you’ll see what I mean.

You and I both know that I can solve Quantum Physics if I wanted to.

But you and I also know that if you were to change the text on your website, you can get hired more often, at higher prices.

So how do you know what to put on your website?

Easy…just do exactly what I do in the video.

In fact, you’ll actually laugh a little when you see what I do to find good copy for websites:

p.s. The only reason I haven’t solved Quantum Physics is because I don’t want to. If I did, then I would make the guys that have been studying it for their entire lives, look really bad. So I’ll just speak for a living instead of solve easy problems like Quantum Physics.