This is one of the live sessions we did inside our private Facebook group for SpeakPro Academy members on ‘website copy’.

Most speakers don’t get hired because they don’t do things the right way. It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another to have a good website.

It’s one thing to email events, it’s another to know how to email events to get hired.

And the same goes for website copy. If you write the wrong things on your website, meeting planners won’t give you a chance because you didn’t communicate to them that you’re worth it.

Here’s what most speakers do…

They write about their topic. They might think “what value does this provide” and write something along the lines of ‘takeaways’. But once again, they find themselves with a lack of speaking gigs.

And that’s what we go over in that live session. You get to see the perfect example of what to write on your site.

Don’t skip this video.

You’ll get tons of golden nuggets about what to write on your speaker site and you’ll see 2 speakers in this video that do a GREAT job with their sites.

All you need to have in place to get hired is…a website and a sales process (like sending emails). But if you do any one of those wrong, good luck getting hired.

And congrats to all the SpeakPro Academy members who have a new website.

We will be starting another bootcamp to contact events and get you all booked.