You’re going to love this speaker rebrand.

When you rebrand yourself, you can charge more and get hired faster because it always comes down to this…

If you want to charge $10,000 to speak, you have to look like a $10,000 speaker.

Karim is a speaker who joined the SpeakPro Academy and the first thing we focused on was his website/brand.

Here’s what his website looked like BEFORE the SpeakPro Academy

And here’s what it looked like AFTER the SpeakPro Academy

Big difference right?

Let me show you a little bit of the process and how small details matter.

He redesigned his website and his header first looked like this…

But it felt like something was missing.

Do you see that open space on the left? It was perfect to have a crowd picture instead of leaving it blank, so he made the change to this…

Looks better…right?

Next, he had the images of the testimonials below the header and it looked like this (at first)…

But it looked…so…plain. So I gave him an idea on how to make it better and the end result was this…

Do you see how small details matter?

If you want to speak on stages, you need to look like you’re worth it.

Most speakers go at it alone because they confuse ‘doing the right things’ with ‘doing those things right.’

You might have a website, video, etc. but you have to do those things right. Small details can have HUGE returns. 

The end result of Karim’s changes allows him to get more speaking gigs at higher prices.

So if you’re not a member of the SpeakPro Academy and you know you need to step up your game, go here to read about it and join:

The end result…

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