Not too long ago I got an email from a speaker who asked if I can guarantee speaking gigs after they invest in the SpeakPro Academy.

And that caused me to create this video.

It’s a message to all professional speakers. It’s a message to speakers who want a guarantee that they’ll make six figures or more speaking.

This is something that everyone needs to hear and it hurts.

Marc Andreseen is a HUGE venture capitalist (he invested in Facebook and several other companies) and someone asked him, “What do you look for in entrepreneurs?”

His answer (which is in the new Speaking Lifestyle video) will surprise you.

What does this have to do with the new video?

Well…when a speaker says they need a guarantee before they make a commitment, it makes me sad because that state of mind is why they struggle.

Marc Andreseen talked about the state of mind that’s an absolute requirement for success. And it’s the state of mind that I try to help speakers develop…so they can get on more stages.

Nothing I say about ‘how to get on stages’ matter, unless someone is already in this mental state.