I almost didn’t show you this video because…it’s kinda boring. There’s A LOT of information in there. And I mean a lot.

You’ll see the lead score I use, some email templates, how the CRM is setup for speaking gigs. Etc

But the setup phase of any business is boring when it comes to ‘content’.

One of the things you’ll realize when you create content is that people say they want to see ‘behind the scenes’ content, but when you create it, they’re not engaged with it. And that’s because when you get into detail, things naturally get boring.

But the boring is where the money is made. The boring is where the business is built.

After you have a speaker-website, setting up your CRM is the next step. The CRM keeps your sales process organized so you know what to do every step of the way.

And yesterday we did a quick run-through for all the new SpeakPro Academy members because when you start contacting 100 events per day, you’ll need systems to stay organized.

Here’s what the video shows…

The custom fields you need in your CRM
The lead score (this tells you which events are more likely to pay)
What tools you should and shouldn’t use (pay close attention to this part)
And a whole lot more

This is the real work that needs to get done if you want to get booked. The real, boring, ugly, ‘I hate this crap’ work that needs to get done.