This wonderful video starts off with a story of a speaker with 145k followers…and a billionaire.

It all started when I went on Facebook and read a message from a speaker.

“I reached 145k followers” (or 150k, I can’t remember exactly).

So I went to his page and thought to myself, “Maybe they’re fake followers that everyone buys.”

But nope…they were real followers.

(You can tell by looking at the engagement. If someone has 145k followers then they should have a couple hundred people engaging with their posts. But if they have all those followers and you see only 1 or 2 people engage…that means they bought followers).

So they were real followers (and it didn’t surprise me because this speaker is TOP NOTCH).

What surprised me was the conversation that happened in the comment section of his Facebook post.

I tell the full story in the new video.