Sheila sent me an email saying this…


I want to point something out to you.

Notice that she said, “I purchased last year” and now she’s having success.

That’s the reality folks. There’s no such thing as ‘six figure speaking business in 30 days’

If you do everything right, it will take you a least a year to get things going. Yes, you read that right.

A full year…IF…you’re learning from someone who’s showing you what to do.

I get emails from SpeakPro Academy members saying things like, “Which insurance should I buy?” etc

And do you know what my answer is?

“Focus on getting business first.”

Getting insurance is like someone who spends months getting brochures, business cards, an office, fax machine, etc…and has 0 speaking gigs lined up.

If your mind is focused on useless activities, it will take you a lot long than a year to get things going.

Unfortunately, most people still don’t get it. They refuse to invest in the very thing that will get them what they want. Instead, they wait. Wait for what? I don’t know.

They say they can’t afford it. Well…you can’t afford not to.

The person who spends his time ‘getting business cards’ ‘perfecting his one sheet’ etc is the person who’s wasting their time doing everything except the things that bring money in.

You have to trade money for time. Yes…’money’ for ‘time’.

The hardest part for most people making under 250k/yr is that they can’t get over the hurdle of paying money to get their time back.

If you’re not paying for someone else’s knowledge, someone else’s systems, someone else’s time, then you’re not building a business.

At a certain point, you have to trade the money in your pocket for the knowledge that will get you what you want.

I know there are people who stay in the same place for years.

They give the same excuses today that they gave 2-3 years ago.

They just don’t get it.

Life will never change until you invest in the things that create the change.

If it takes a full year to get things going when you have guidance, think about how much time you’ll waste by going at it alone.

Is a few bucks in your pocket seriously worth more than your time? I hope not.

I’m not saying this just so you can invest in the SpeakPro Academy. I’m saying it because it’s true.

Where were you a year ago? Two years ago? Three years ago? Does it look similar to today?

I can help you get on stages. I can help you market yourself regardless of what you do.

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