“Can you tell me what you charge? We’re a non-profit so we don’t have a big budget for speakers.”

Have you ever gotten that before? How do you respond when people say they have a small budget for speakers and then they want to know what you charge?

Non-profits are smart.

They play on the fact that they’re a non-profit to get tons of services for free and/or at a huge discount.

And sometimes the events aren’t non-profits, they just say “What do you charge? We don’t have a big budget.”

You need to know exactly how to respond to this.

In fact, several members of the SpeakPro Academy have recently posted inside the group about this exact same conversation they’re having with events. And they would have made the same mistake as every other speaker if I didn’t show them what to do.

So watch the video to see exactly what you should do when events don’t have a big budget.

Because I like big budgets and I cannot lie
You other events can’t deny
When a speaker walks in with a itty bitty waist
And a good speech in your face
You get sprung…

Ok enough 🙂 …watch today’s video.