6 months ago, I contacted an event to hire me.

And because of the wonderful charm that I have on people…how do you think they responded?

Most people can’t resist this hot tamale, but I guess they didn’t like all the awesomeness.

They said, “No.”

So instead of pimp slapping them, I decided to be diplomatic…like Donald Trump.

When you’re contacting people to hire you for events, most of them will say no.

Unfortunately, you can’t just use your Charm or your Donald Trump diplomacy skills to win them over.

But if you’re going to get on more stages then you have to see what most speakers don’t see. You have to get really good at the details.

How can you turn a ‘no’ into something else?

This video gives you a small detail you can use when you’re contacting people…and you know what? It worked.