Ok so check this out. Helio is a member of the SpeakPro Academy and we were talking about the header to his website on the weekly accountability calls. I told him he needed a new header but there’s a problem…can you see what it is?

These are 3 versions he created…


Do you see the problem?

Something just didn’t feel right.

None of those 3 have an ‘umph’ to it. They didn’t grab me.

(btw…all of these pictures are inside the SpeakPro Academy for anyone to use)

So here’s what I created for him…

Do you see the difference?

He can now place the ‘video button’ in the middle and it will look even better.

Listen, if you want to get more speaking gigs, you have to improve your image.  You have to make sure you’re doing the right things and doing those things right. Without help, it will only take longer to build your business. 

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