What are they doing to keep your attention so they can grow their audience?

Create Engaging Short Form Videos In 30 Days

The Short-Form Video Course is for creators who want to get really good at capturing an audience’s attention through video. Learn to captivate an audience so you can build a loyal fan base of customers.


Brainstorm with others to make your videos better


Creating sharable content that grows your audience


Make videos that stand out from other content


Become a badass at social media videos


Get creative video ideas your audience will love


Make ‘talking-head’ videos more engaging

“Why are their videos getting noticed and not mine?”

“Why do their videos get shared when I can barely get comments?”

“What’s really going on behind-the-scenes? What am I missing?”

What worked yesterday will put you out of business today

We’re becoming more selective about what we devote our attention to

“You have 3 seconds or…”

How do you get someone to pay attention long enough for you to express the value of what you’re offering?

We live in a world of micro-attention and content bombardment which has changed the way we communicate.

Attention is the new currency. Attention is money.

If a video doesn’t capture your attention in the first 3 seconds, what do you do? Poof be gone! On to the next one.  

And there’s not only more content but there’s better content.

Creators are forced to be more savvy with how they stand out.

But how do you seperate yourself from the noise?

How do you stand out?

How do you make social media videos more engaging to grow your audience?

Short Form Video Masterclass

SFV Training: Making Short Form Videos Engaging

The tactics, techniques, and demonstrations on how to make better short form videos.

30 Day Video Challenge

Get better on camera with the 30 Day Video Challenge. Learn by doing.

New Video Ideas

We study content to get ideas post it inside the members area so you can have an ‘idea fountain’.

Attention Principles

Understand the psychology of human attention and how to use it to grow your audience.


Attention hacks to keep audiences watching


Creating a hook that instantly captures attention


Scripting your videos


Visual storytelling


The polarizing method to build a loyal fan base


Developing the charismatic “It Factor” for the camera


Coming up with video ideas


Increase video watch time and retention


How videos are edited to keep you watching


Making your videos stand out


Video titles that get your audience to click


Updates on what’s working now

Group Support

Get feedback on your videos so you can make better content

Brainstorm With Others To Make Your Videos More Engaging

Post inside the group chat for feedback on your videos to get ideas on how you can improve

30-Day Video Challenge

film for 30 days straight

Every day for 30 days you’re going to record a short-form video (3 minutes or less) so you can see your improvement

something new Every Day

You’ll film the videos in different ways so you can learn first-hand what makes your videos stand out

Learn by Doing

Grab your camera, any camera, and start recording videos in this 30 day challenge.

Attention Principles

Understand the psychology of human attention and how to use it to grow your audience


Bonus Training


Leverage these principles to develop your charismatic “It Factor!”


Short Form Video Modules

Access to all current and future training modules inside the Short Form Video Course

30 Day Video Challenge

Take the challenege to make a video every day for 30 days to see how much you improve on camera

Attention Principles

Access to all the modules in the Attention Principles Course


Group Chat For Video Feedback

Access to Facebook group where you can post videos for feedback and new ideas


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Create Engaging Short Form Videos

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like the Masterclass you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Even the best creators struggled to grow their audience until they figured out what increases video watch time & audience retention

Social media rewards creators that keep people on the app

The top creators learned the hard way. They’ve already tested ideas to increase video engagement because they know if they can hack attention, they can grow an audience.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Study what works.

Create Engaging Short Form Videos