We got 58 people to attend this speaker’s seminar by doing this…

(watch the video)

We didn’t use any advertising.

We didn’t do anything ground breaking.

And we didn’t do anything you can’t do.

I was contacted by another speaker who wanted private coaching and he didn’t want to get paid to speak, he wanted to go the seminar route. So we started working on his seminar business and we built out a process for getting people to his event.

We also did something pretty brilliant [ of course we did…he had me on his side 🙂 ] with the ‘date’ of the event, that contributed to more people showing up.

So if you plan on doing more of your own events then you need to watch this and take ideas from it.

…Then pay me 99% of your profits from your seminars in perpetuity (something I learned from watching Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank)

Enjoy filling up your seminar rooms.